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Dedicated offer to

To prolong the pleasure of the beautiful Italian evening spent in Modena

and offer you the chance to enhance the memory of this lovely experience in Italy,

we are delighted to dedicate to all Arun and Deb’s special friends an


15% OFF


Our Story

Lots of top-quality limited-edition photographs realised by accomplished Italian artists,

certified, numbered and signed by the author,

and printed out in line with maximum quality standards.

applicable to all our fine art limited-edition prints

All photographs can be found by visiting this website Showroom

or the GT Art Photo Agency virtual Gallery 


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Titolo classico

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All our Prints can be normally ordered via our e-Shops, but - please, DO NOT order your picture online

as on the website you'll find the full price only  (for the standard sale to the public).

In case of any interest in any specific picture, kindly write an email to

asking for it (specifying author and title), so to take advantage of this special offer dedicated to you only:

we'll be pleased to apply the discount to the very special friends list got from Arun and Deb.

We'll reply with pleasure, providing you with all relevant information and instructions to buy the product you like.

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Kindly specify in your email country and city where you would like to receive the picture you’re interested in,

for us to check and confrm we can ship there and let you know the related delivery cost.

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Any special desire or request?

Need any particular size print or advice, or looking for a specific subject you can’t find in our Gallery?

Our professional photographers’ archive is vast and might include what you are dreaming exactly.

Feel free to ask us about anything you need: we'll be happy to assist you through our consultancy service

and provide you with possible ideas and solutions on demand (no additional cost for you, of course).

Bring   back 

home a


of our Italian

art excellence

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Our Story

Our fine art prints are made respecting top-quality parameters and museum-related standards as we do expect in any case of high-value artistic pieces.


Print quality


Our high-quality limited-edition prints are realized with the best materials

to guarantee of a long life to the already significant printing quality.

The photographic paper used for our prints is generally a neutral ph cotton paper / acid-free

(unless a different standard is indicated in the single picture description). Such a kind of paper offers an excellent print result and - at the same time - can guarantee the paper will not turn yellow over the years.


Authenticity Certification


Each print is provided with the related Authenticity Certificate – signed by the author - which

indicates all photograph characteristics and declares its edition (i.e. number assigned to the photograph compared to the existing copies' total number).

All these info will be reported on the picture itself, manually written by the Author

in addition to his original signature, if the Certificate is not provided apart.

Duration Guarantee


Prints realised following the above-indicated standards offer an extremely high duration quality.

Paper characteristics, kind of ink and quality paper we use to produce the picture passepartout

(when provided) indeed properly comply with our precise goal to realise an extremely high-quality print, that can keep as constant all peculiarities related to the paper,

to the black and white or coloured printing over a significant number of years.


Make your choice and write us
to get your special 15% discount

PhotoAbitare: Photography for superlative interior design 

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GM 102 crop

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